[soap] FileRef in lists.updateListItems method is not working RRS feed

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  • hi

    i was make web application connected by sharepoint 2010.

    I try to delete some ppt file in sharepoint, but soap has return success.

    But UpdateListItems Methods is not working espetially FileRef has character '+'

    There are not any error messages.

    How to delete file, has special characters (+), in sharepoint subDocument?

    here is my xml samples.

    <MethodID="1" Cmd="Delete">

    <FieldName="ID">246</Field> //itemId in sharepoint



    ==> aa+123.ppt file did not deleted.

    • 편집됨 YoungKeun 2015년 9월 7일 월요일 오전 10:40
    2015년 9월 7일 월요일 오전 10:35


  • Hi YoungKeun,
    Thanks for asking a question in MSDN Forum.
    From my research, there are some problems with special charaters in SharePoint Server 2010.
    Could you upgrade the latest SharePoint Server 2010, such as Service Pack 2?
    Below link is a download url for SP2 of Sharepoint Server 2010.
    Service Pack 2 for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (KB2687453)

    Hope to resolve your problem via SP2.

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