[Tip] .NET Framework 2.0 설치시 반환되는 리턴 값 RRS feed


  • - 0 indicates success

    - 3010 indicates success with a reboot required

     .NET Framework 2.0 setup 시 발생되는 Error 값

    • 0x001000 (4096) - Invalid command line parameter(s)
    • 0x001001 (4097) - Administrator provileges are required to run setup
    • 0x001002 (4098) - Installation of Windows Installer failed (this is a legacy return code that is not used since we stopped bootstrapping Windows Installer as a part of the .NET Framework setup during the 2.0 product cycle)
    • 0x001003 (4099) - Windows Installer is not configured properly on the machine
    • 0x001004 (4100) - CreateMutex failed
    • 0x001005 (4101) - Another instance of setup is already running
    • 0x001006 (4102) - Cannot open the MSI database
    • 0x001007 (4103) - Cannot read from the MSI database
    • 0x00100F (4111) - Cannot retrieve the %temp% directory
    • 0x001011 (4113) - Beta components have been detected on the machine that must be uninstalled before installation can proceed
    • 0x001013 (4115) - The length of the %temp% path is too long
    • 0x001014 (4116) - The length of the source path too long
    • 0x001016 (4118) - Failed to create or write to the log file
    • 0x001017 (4119) - The Windows Installer service is not responding to Service Control requests and the system requires a reboot in order to continue
    • 0x001018 (4120) - An internal error occured while trying to initialize the Windows Installer service
    • 0x001019 (4121) - One or more prerequisites for this product is missing
    • 0x00101A (4122) - The product does not support installing on the current operating system type
    • 0x00101B (4123) - The product is already installed as an operating system component (the .NET Framework 2.0 is an OS component on Windows Vista and installing the MSI-based setup is blocked and will return this error in silent mode)
    • 0x00101C (4124) - Error processing the install.ini file (there is either a syntax error or a missing mandatory entry)
    • 0x001FFF (8191) - Setup failure - unknown reason (all errors not covered above are grouped into this bucket)
    • 0x002000 (8192) - Reboot is required

    .NET Framework 2.0 설치시 발생되지만 , 실질적으로는 Windows Installer 에 의한 Error

    • 0x00000641 (1601) - The Windows Installer service could not be accessed
    • 0x00000642 (1602) - The user cancelled setup. Installation cannot proceed
    • 0x00000643 (1603) - Fatal error during installation (this error is returned if any custom action fails within an MSI-based setup for example)
    • 0x00000656 (1622) - Error opening Windows Installer log file. Verify that the log file location exists and is writable.
    • 0x00000661 (1633) - This installation package is not supported on this platform
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