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  • Add/Remove Programs in Windows Vista

    So you say you can't find the Add/Remove programs function in Windows Vista?  Well, in Windows XP Add/Remove Programs is in Control Panel under an icon of the same name. But in Windows Vista it has been changed to "Programs and Features".

    To locate the Program and Features function:

    1. Click Start and choose Control Panel,

    2. In Control Panel double click on the "Programs and Features" icon.

    3. Here you can find all the programs and items which are installed in Windows Vista.

    4. To remove any of them click once on the program you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall/Change and follow the prompts.

     Now wasn't that easy!

    2007年2月16日 11:41


  • Hi,

    As you wrote Vista has "Programs and Features" and you really can Uninstall or Change a program that already installed.

    Other question is: Is there any option to Add program? (as it was in previous versions)

    Thanks in advance,


    • 回答の候補に設定 LaurindaLara 2009年10月10日 19:29
    2007年3月21日 14:47
  • What happened to Add/Remove Windows Components?
    • 回答の候補に設定 E DONERVITCH 2010年1月26日 10:20
    2007年4月13日 10:24
  • Try "Turn Windows features on or off"
    2007年4月16日 18:10
  • Thanks Josh! This is exactly what I was looking for!


    2007年9月21日 22:59
  • Hi, you have helpful tips.


    I have a problem situation.  I'm trying to upgrade my OS from MS XP home edition to MS Vista Ultimate after confirming that I have more than the minimum requirements to do the upgrade.  I have already upgraded with the data/programs in another folder called Windows.old.  My problem is


    how to configure the Windows Vista Ultimate so that all the application programs before the upgrade must be configured to run and function properly in Vista as at present, with Vista all those programs are not configured to run in Vista.


    Hope to receive a response from you soon.



    2007年11月27日 0:09
  • Thats all fine and good if windows lets you delete, or uninstall a program. What do you do when you are the only user, have administrative rights, and windows not only will not let you uninstall a program, but tells you you don't have the rights to make these changes?


    2007年12月16日 1:39
  • thanks a lot for the helpful tips josh, it really helps me a lot

    2007年12月17日 0:14
  •  depiculous wrote:
    What happened to Add/Remove Windows Components?


    How do you add a program from a cd that does not pop up when you place it in the drive. This new Windows vista is hard to use in many areas. Thank You in advance

    • 回答の候補に設定 LaurindaLara 2009年10月10日 19:31
    2008年1月29日 2:45
  • Yes that was very easy.  I knew it was just a matter of finding where they hid it.


    Thank you.

    2008年2月5日 2:24

    Hii Thanx I Was Tottalyy Felling Angry when i was not finding the correct option its working



    2008年3月20日 16:24
  • I am having a problem trying to find where Microsoft hid some of the features, like windows mail mail and all the other windows programs I dont want installed on my PC. I have tried change/remove and turn windows features on or off. Do I just delete them from the start menu or what?
    2008年6月12日 12:44
  • OMG thank you so much!

    you save my life!! Hehe!!


    Now, if you are very good you must know this,


    Why can't I play AVI video on my PC? and if you do know, how can I make it work?

    I've been trying to do everything anything to make it work but it still dosn't work. Please help.... :-(



    2008年7月12日 21:22
  • Thank you

    2008年7月15日 22:28
  • Thanks Joshi.

    This is what I was lookin for.


    2008年8月26日 4:16
  • Hi,


    I have ,net frameword 3.0 , 2.0 installed on windows vista.

    But I can not see it in Progream and Features list.

    Do you any idea where or how can I see it?

    (One way I already know to go to c:/Windows/Microft.Net/Frameork

    but not sure if that will confirm the proper installation)



    Thanks in advance






    2008年10月15日 14:32
  • Joshi,

    Your instructions for removing programs from a Windows Vista computer were very clear and easy.  The only problem is that the program I want to uninstall does not show up in the list of programs.  How do I find it and remove it?



    • 回答の候補に設定 ambrown1 2010年4月20日 21:30
    2008年11月11日 22:51
  • Thanks buddy, that was great! I have a MAC myself and run XP at work, so I'm just not very familiar with Vista. Gracias!

    2008年12月3日 21:43
  • Hi,
         I am new to this forum and have the same problem that Trishsz has.  I want to uninstall my Windows Media Player version 11 , and replace it with version 10.  When I try to remove it from add/remove in Programs and Features, Media Player does not show up on the list, even though I definitely have it installed, and it works.   Could you give me some suggestions as to how to find/remove it, so that I can then download version 10, without conflicts?  Thank you!   - Brian
    2008年12月5日 1:01
  • I have the same issue with trying to uninstall "Beyond the Red Line" .  It's an enormous file (753MB) and I could really use the space, but when I try to Uninstall it says the No Permission , need Admin rights!
    So I found this site microsoft has and it should help, if I could figure out how to use the info...I'll check back in to write how i either dunnit or failed

    2009年8月18日 23:15
  • why do you want to upgrade?
    what is it costing you?
    2009年11月17日 22:43
  • I have the same problem. Anyone any idea on this?.
    2010年4月30日 18:48
  • Yes it was easy many thanks.


    2010年7月22日 11:02