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Unnecessary space is attached to the expansion result of HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT RRS feed

  • 質問

  • When you write the configuration to deploy HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT in Web.config, it was confirmed that unnecessary space is attached.

    <httpPlatform processPath="%GOROOT%\bin\go.exe" arguments="run D:\home\site\wwwroot\server.go" startupTimeLimit="60" startupRetryCount="5">
        <environmentVariable name="PORT" value="%HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT%" />

    When it is confirmed environment variable in Kudu, it can be seen that unnecessary space is added.

    Even if you enable the Jetty, so was confirmed space from attached in the same way, the problem of httpPlatformHandler.

    Is there a way to fix it or how to avoid this problem?

    Best regards.

    2014年9月28日 17:02


  • Hello

    Check this one, it might help

    2014年9月28日 17:27
  • Thank you for reply.

    But,I think this is a problem of the Website.

    2014年9月29日 2:27
  • Hi, 

    Yes, we basically replace the %HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT% placeholder with an internally generated port. Are the extra spaces causing an issue?

    2014年10月8日 22:02
  • Thank you for reply.

    Even with extra space after the %HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT% also be added automatically
    <environmentVariable name="PORT" value="%HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT%" />
    EnvironmentVariable defined above with extra space, so I'm on httpplatformhandler and the problem is most likely.

    It is difficult to understand in the case of Tomcat and Jetty, but the extra space automatically seems to be with.

    Maybe, but I think can be reproduced easily if you enable Java.

    Best Regards.

    2014年10月9日 2:01
  • We will fix this for the next release but as a workaround you could trim the value you get -- Also instead of passing PORT from environment variable, you could pass it via command line arguments so its value gets automatically trimmed.
    2014年10月28日 16:56
  • I tried HttpPlatformHandler v1.2, but this issue not fixed. This env var (HTTP_PLATFORM_PORT) expand with extra space.

    I was testing on Azure Web Apps. This issue is very strange behavior.

    2016年1月22日 15:47
  • This issue has still not been fixed.

    2017年6月30日 1:04