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  • Release Notes: New in this Release

    April 2, 2012 – Service Update
    • Ability to update a deployed sync group.       
      You can now dynamically update a sync group. See the topic Edit a Sync Group for details.
    • Added information in the portal that helps you more easily manage your sync groups.
      • The client agent version is shown with a recommendation to upgrade if your client agent is not the latest, a warning if support for your agent version expires soon and an error if your agent is no longer supported.
      • A warning for sync groups that are out-of-date due to changes failing to apply for 60 or more days.
    • Fixed issues that affected ORM (Object Relational Model) frameworks such as Entity Framework and NHibernate working with Data Sync.
    • Improved error and status messages.

    Download link:  SQL Azure Data Sync Agent Preview

    Supported changes to a sync group

    Data Sync allows the following changes to a sync group:

    • Add a column to the dataset
    • Add a table to the dataset
    • Remove a column from the dataset
    • Remove a table from to the dataset
    • Change a column’s width

    Documentation for Editing a Sync Group: Edit a Sync Group

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