Solution Navigator scrolling gets to be painfully slow


  • I really like a lot of the feature of Solution Navigator.  However after a solution has been open for a while, scrolling the Solution Navigator window gets to be painfully slow and jerky.  It sure would be nice if this could be fixed.
    2011年4月7日 17:23


  • I agree with this. I've got a i7 2.8Ghz and 8GB. I find that it's slow even when I open VS with a new Solution.

    I would like to fully replace the original solution explorer, but I would need a processor 100 faster.

    Nice functionality, though.

    2011年6月30日 4:30
  • I agree too - extremely annoying!
    2011年7月4日 14:51
  • Me too! I am mostly living in a larger solution with many projects and hundreds of source files. I'm working on a 3 year old laptop that was near top of the line when new, but not so much these days. Solution Navigator can be frustratingly jerky and slow to respond. Solution Explorer, however still scrolls smoothly. But I really like some of the features in Solution Navigator, so I still put up with it at times.
    2011年8月2日 13:54
  • Totally agree, it's a shame this gets very frustrating, and seriously degrades the usefulness of this window.
    2011年11月11日 0:06
  • Yes it's a shame. It does some things so much better than Solution Explorer. Navigator functionality is apparently in VS2011 so I'm keen to check out the beta when it is released soon.
    2012年2月29日 3:38
  • Hello,

    I'd like to report this issue still goes unresolved as of April 2012.

    I use Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and a fast machine (Intel i7, 6 gig RAM), and Solution Navigator gets really slow with solutions populated with many projects. This is definitively a code performance issue. I hope someone from Productivity Power Tools team has taken note of this.

    2012年4月3日 21:24
  • I'd also like to report this is still an issue and its driving me insane.

    I am using fully patched quad core with 12 GB ram, 2010 VS sp1, productivity pack too.


    2012年4月26日 22:58