how can i fix mac address? RRS feed

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  • I have a question.

    some of application see mac address for authorization.

    but azure pc seems to change its mac address when rebooting.

    how can i fix mac address if rebooting ?

    2015年3月12日 23:18


  • Hi Munyamunya;

    A very good question indeed.

    As of now MAC address cannot be kept persistent permanently there are several scenarios where a mac address can change, A. Service Healing B. Manual Stoppage of VM from  the Portal.C. Upgrades/ Downgrades of Cores etc..

    As specific as it gets if you would like the MAC to be persistent only for reboots, you could create a Regional Vnet and this would keep the MAC intact only on reboots, however service healing and Stopped Deallocated VM are bound to let the VM loose their mac address.

    A permanent solution would definitely be beneficial to all, you could pass on  your valuable feedback through this link.

    Hopes this helps.

    Warm Regards


    2015年3月13日 6:28