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  • SilverlightでWindowsアプリケーションのように印刷プレビュー無しで印刷ボタンを押したら印刷できるようにできないでしょうか?



    2011年6月22日 12:07


  • Do it (export to PDF) in server side is the normal method, since there are many good PDF library in Full Dotnet environment.

    However, if you must export PDF in client side direclty, you can try to refer


    "silverPDF is a Silverlight library that makes it easier for developers to create PDF files on the client side."


    I do not try it in anyway, just provide a reference info.

    2011年7月15日 7:55
  • 回答ありがとうございます。



    Thank you for an answer.
    There seems to be no thing using Library which had you show the functions such as indication of the PDF, the downloading because you have already implemented it by a client-side.

    2011年7月15日 10:20