Silent install or other scripted install options?


  • Is there a way to do a silent install?   Or  MSBuild or other batch scripts to deploy?   I.e.,  some way to copy the assemblies and provide the database details without requiring interacting with the GUI installer

    2009年9月9日 17:01


  • Not in the current release; you do need to interact with UI to provide DB location details.

    I will look into this option for the next release which is targeting VS10 and .NET/CLR 4.0.

    The key reason the installer must be run on each computer is the encryption of the connection string info; which is machine key dependent; meaning only the machine that encrypts the info can decrypt it at runtime.

    The installer also sets all conn string/db locations in config files; and creates/loads databases; and creates the IIS app/vdirs and application pools for IIS.

    Greg Leake, Microsoft
    2009年9月15日 16:32
  • Is there any plan for this to happen?  It seems that the latest release is not able to be installed in quiet mode with no UI.

    Joe Baltimore Skypeak Visions, Inc. http://skypeakvisions.com

    2012年2月13日 15:23
  • No plan for this to happen.  Would require you write scripts/code to provide this automation (such as laying down bits, creating IIS apps + app pools, creating databases, fixing up connection strings to DB server, etc).

    There is going to be a StockTrader 6....however this will not replace StockTrader 5.0 as 6.0 will be Azure only--optimized specifically for new Azure features such as Service Bus Topics/Subscriptions/queues, SQL Azure Federation...separation of brokerage DB from stock exchange DB; and perhaps biggest point is will target Web UI but add native client apps for IPhone, Andriod and WP7 (eventually Win 8 as well). StockTrader 5.0 will continue to exist and be downloadable---but no plans to change the existing setup for 5.0. 

    Greg Leake, Microsoft

    2012年2月16日 1:54
  • Hi Greg

    I read in this conversation about implementing the usage of Azure Service Bus in the next version of ConfigServices (Version 6).

    We are developing a big project (in association with Microsoft Switzerland), a quite big story and it will be an Azure reference project. We have huge time pressure and need to go online in 6 weeks. We have some support from Microsoft Switzerland but not concerning ConfigServices.

    About the infrastructure: We have IIS web sites in the Azure cloud (WIF: an identity provider, a federation provider and our portal). On premise we have several web services hosted in WindowsServices, which must provide their endpoints to the Azure Service Bus, so that the web sites can connect to them.

    Our security officer requires using the azure service bus with WCF-Relay to provide our WCF-services to the cloud. In addition, the application architect requires always using configuration services infrastructure to benefit from its features (especially load balancing):
    How can we implement/configure the ConfigService-host to make several endpoints on the Azure Service Bus? And how can the clients in the cloud load balance them?

    Many thanks for your answer in advance

    Matthias Konig / adesso (Switzerland) AG

    2012年4月17日 9:28
  • Sorry for delay in answering. I think your best bet for now is to implement the service bus endpoints outside of Config Service (you can still implement ConfigService in your hosts, but startup your ServiceBus endpoints directly in your code--not via Config Service since current implementation does not yet do SB).  For load balancing, I found this link about relay binding and load balancing multiple internal instances connected via SB on Win Azure blog.  Once config service 6 (to be avail with stocktrader6) is done, will let you know.  But for now, startup the SB endpoints via code/config, not via Config Services (your hosts can still implement config service, of course).


    Greg Leake, Microsoft

    2012年4月25日 15:22