WindowsPhoneXNAの音楽再生について RRS feed

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  • MediaPlayerでゲームの音楽を再生していたのですが、申請すると
    Requirements Expected Result
    When the user is already playing music on the 
    phone when the application is launched, the 
    application must not pause, resume, or stop the 
    active music in the phone MediaQueue by calling 
    the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.MediaPlayer 
    If the application plays its own background music 
    or adjusts background music volume, it must ask 
    the user for consent to stop playing/adjust the 
    background music (e.g. message dialog or settings 
    menu). This prompt must occur each time the 
    application launches, unless there is an opt-in 
    Test Process Required:
    1. Play a music file.
    2. Launch the application.
    3. Verify that while the application loads, it does 
    not pause, resume or stop the actively playing 
    Comments: When the application is launched, the music playing on the device from the Zune queue pauses without 
    prompting for the users permission.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Play music on the device from the Zune queue.
    2. Launch the application.
    3. Observe the music playing from the device's Zune queue pauses, and the user is not prompted for permission.
    2011年10月20日 6:06


  • That is a frequent cause of certification failure.

    When your application starts up check to see if the user is playing music. If music is playing you have two choices. You can either decide to not play your game's music, or you can show the user a message box asking for permission to stop their music. Let me know if you need a code example.
    2012年1月3日 21:01