I cannot instantiante activex component from vb.net (Cannot create ActiveX component) but in vbs yes


  • Hi everyone.

    I really stuck and I don't know how to fix it.
    You see, I create from server (windows Server 2003, service pack 2 )  a com+ application. I am in the domain from the active directory. I connected to the server with another accout, also from the same domain.
    once that I created the com+ application proxy, I copied the MSI and cab files to my computer (Windows xp sp 3)  and I installed the COM+.

    I create a test.vbs, with:
    Dim a
    Set a = CreateObject("ComProxy.ClasePrueba")
    Msgbox "OK"

    Here, the vbs works fine, ok.
    But, when I try to do the same in vb.net in visual studio 2003, I got the well know 429 error "Cannot create ActiveX component"
    I tried a thousand times with little variances int he process, with the same result. This drive me crazy.
    Another guy, (also Windows xp sp 3) in his machine can instances the com+ app.

    Both accounts haven't permissions to connect to the server (that's why we connect with a generic account)
    I watch the dcomcnfg and both have the same configuration, same limits (allow local and remote access to Everyon) , both activate to the same ip address.

    Any idea? someone else has had this error?

    I tried to clean up the stack of the wrapper, but I don't know how.
    I add the the "Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices" in namespace
    I put the next line before call the CreateObject statement


    but is wrong, Does anybody knows how can I clean the heap of the wrapp class?

    Thanks in advance!
    Any suggestion will be appreciated

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    2011年9月29日 12:28


  • Did you look in the Event log on the Server (where COM+ is running)? This error should log an event which will provide more information about the ActiveX failure.
    Paul ~~~~ Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)
    2011年9月29日 17:44
  • Hi Alexandor,

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    What's your VB.NET code? please post it here. It will be helpful to us to find the cause.

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    2011年10月3日 7:42