Shortcut for Dropdownlists


  • I really like these DDL´s above the code to quickly create event handlers. This is the thing making VB superior to the C# IDE.

    The only thing I find a little disturbing is the fact, that I have to remove my hands from the keyboard. Is it possible to assign a Shortcut to switch between the DDL´s and the code? If not, then I make it a wish for the next version Big Smile
    martedì 3 maggio 2005 08:52


  • Ctrl+F2 will move focus to the LHS dropdown where you can select the class you want to work with (or the events node under the class).  Pressing Tab will then move focus to the events dropdown where you can use up/down arrow keys to select the event you wish to handle or navigate to.

    Hope this helps,
    martedì 3 maggio 2005 16:00