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  • SBS 2008 R2 and upgraded Sharepoint 3.0 to Foundation Server 2010. Everything working up to this weekend when I did a server reboot. Now companweb is unavailable from the internet. RWW and OWA still works and companyweb works internally.  Tried several different computers from the internet that was known good previously and deleted all temp internet files and did a DNSFlush on all of them as well. Still wouldn't load.

    Bindings look correct for the site. I have ran the connect to internet, setup internet address and fix network wizards as well.

    Ideas where to start?

    lunedì 2 luglio 2012 19:30


  • Ok, got it figured out. Chalk it up to stupidity.

    2 issues:

    1) end users not able to access the companyweb externally. Answer- I did a redesign of our company's website and didn't put links to RWW, OWA, and Companyweb on the new website. Therefore the companyweb was down and wasn't

    2) Unable to get access to companyweb from my house. Answer-Before upgrading my live server at work from WSS 3.0 to Sharepoint Foundation 2010, I built a temp server at the house and upgraded that server first. I had routed all traffic on port 987 to the temp server. When I took the temp server offline I forgot to kill that routing rule in my server. Disabled that rule and everything is working

    Imagine that. Thanks to all that offered suggestions. Now I am off to the doctor to have my head examined.

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