Question about VB6 and Crystal Report 8.0 in Windows 7 64 BIT.


  • Hello to all!

    I know the product VB6 is discontinued and not supported in W7 64 BIT but I have some application that I dont upgrade to .NET and I was able to install the VB6 IDE in W7 64 BIT with a workaround.

    Anyway I have a problem with Crystal Report 8.0 (another very old program).

    In Windows Xp I use VB6 with Crystal Report 8.0 integrated (with creation of files .dsr in the VB6 project I mean).

    The problem that I have is that I not able to use in W7 64 BIT in VB6 the integrated interface of Crystal Report 8.0.

    The project (very simple) created in Windows XP and installed in a PC with W7 64 BIT work fine, also with the report.

    My question is if is possible to integrate IDE of VB6 and Crystal Resport 8, if is better to install VB6 and Crystal Report in Windows XP mode and install only the applications in the PCs with W7 64 BIT or if there are other ways (no upgrade of these project, I upgrade them but not now)?

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards.

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