Pro/cons: Multiple lists or one big list with multiple views?

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  • I have data that can go through different stages, during which it will have common fields and fields that are only used on specific stages.

    If I e.g. have these fields: CommenField1, CommenField2, StageA1, StageA2, StageB1, StageB2

    They could either exists two individual lists, i.e. A and B like so:

    • A = CommenField1, CommenField2, StageA1, StageA2
    • B = CommenField1, CommenField2, StageB1, StageB2

    Or as a single larger list with all fields and with views that shows the same fields as the lists A and B.

    What is the common choice between the two options, and what are the pros/cons between them?

    giovedì 5 luglio 2012 21:47

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  • Hi Egil,

    Unless you have too many numbers of columns ,dont split the list into two ( A and B ).My suggestion would be use one list.This will give you better control over list reporting and you can create view.Joining of joining at letter stage would not be good idea for future use.


    venerdì 6 luglio 2012 02:39