View Access Reports on the web Through Sharepoint?


  • I am using MS Access 2010 as a front-end to a 2008 SQL Server back-end.  Reports produced are complex and printed in PDF form.  I want to make them available for viewing on the web. This will prove very useful to customers that make changes to the SQL data and want to see a new report.  The reports are already designed and saved in the MS Access database under various report names.


    1) How can I execute a saved MS 2010 Access Report from an asp page where the customer makes data changes?

    2) Once the new MS Access Report is created, how do I retrieve it to show to the customer?

    I assume Sharepoint Server will work for this purpose, but after numerous web searches, I am confused about what I am seeing as to whether it can definitely do it or not.

    FYI ... I also design web pages via Visual Studio 2010 if that makes a difference for integration purposes.


    giovedì 5 luglio 2012 20:36


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