Combobox floating outside of gridview in certain computers


  • I have published a website using Visual Studio .Net 2008.

    After publishing, I was informed that users were visualizing a combobox, that is designed inside a gridview's edit item template, floating outside of the gridview, to the far right.  The strange thing is that this behavior does not occur in every computer.  In my machine it works just fine so at first I thought it could be the version of Internet Explorer being used.  But I found that some users have IE 8 and others IE 9 and the floating combobox happens in either one.

    I have IE 9 and I cannot replicate this behavior on my machine.  I checked and modified the Advanced Internet Options in the machine's where this problem occurs and still it does not work.

    If anyone has had this problem before and knows or has an idea why this is happening please let me know.


    8 พฤษภาคม 2555 18:45