Garbled character in download saveas dialog of webbrowser control for IE9


  • I have an app that embeds webbrowser control. On Windows 7+ IE9, when I try to use app to download the file via below html page, I find there's all garbled characters in saveas dialog "File name:" section. It seems browser doesn't convert the characters correctly. This problem won't happen on windows + IE7/8, the problem won't happen on all IE standalone. This problem also happens on Mathon3 which embeds webbrowser control the same as my app. So there should be a webbrowser control bug for IE9.

    <div class="lotusChunk">
    <a class="lconnDownloadable" href="">Download this file </a>

    27 februarie 2012 02:54

Toate mesajele

  • Maybe the escape character's problem.


    28 februarie 2012 03:06
  • Below is the log from Fiddler,

    GET /files/form/anonymous/api/library/e2f94647-3ec0-44ac-8ea6-05ab684f33ac/document/18b1ea3e-7462-41b0-8af3-bf5cc030d2ca/media/Lotus%20Architecture%20Brief%20-%20Lotus%20Expeditor_6.2.2.odt HTTP/1.1


    HTTP/1.1 200 OK


    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename*=UTF-8'en'%4c%6f%74%75%73%20%41%72%63%68%69%74%65%63%74%75%72%65%20%42%72%69%65%66%20%2d%20%4c%6f%74%75%73%20%45%78%70%65%64%69%74%6f%72%5f%36%2e%32%2e%32%2e%6f%64%74; size=1364127; creation-date="Wed, 5 Jan 2011 16:59:50 +0000"; modification-date="Wed, 5 Jan 2011 16:59:50 +0000";

    So, if the server provides a UTF-8 encoded file name, webbrowser control will fail to decode to ASCII in the save-as dialog. I guess IE9 standalone will decode it at its UI level but not webbrowser control lever anymore.

    28 februarie 2012 05:16
  • Anybody know the root cause?
    9 martie 2012 08:58
  • Hi wuzhebele,

    I had similar issue with Webbrowser control.  It does not decode the file name wen i open the file from file download dialog. Did you find a solution for this? Can you please share it?

    13 aprilie 2012 15:09
  • Hi RajK,

    I haven't got a solution yet.

    Does anybody have any idea?

    27 aprilie 2012 05:10