How to inject HTML and JavaScript into an existing page using C#

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  • Under what circumstances is document.body null in IE?

    Jose R. MCP

    22 Februari 2012 2:26
  • For example is this page:

    I did a check in Add-on code and had it to print out the document.body. Then the result was null

    22 Februari 2012 10:45
  • Wow, really?  And the document type is of type IHTMLDocument2?  Because I can ask IE8 to show me the source of the page with no issues by hitting F12 and I see the HTML and BODY tags.  It just makes sense for it to have a body.  If I have time later today I'll do a small test.

    Jose R. MCP

    22 Februari 2012 14:08
  • any help, please? :(
    27 Februari 2012 4:05