How to change the default behavior of the 'x' button of the input element in IE 10.


  • In IE 10, I found that there is an 'x' button on the input=text element, when clicked it, it deletes the text of the input element.

    I want to know how to change the the default behavior of this 'x' button. 

    Because this direct deleting destroes some logic of our product, I hope that I can process the click event of the 'x' button.

    • Diedit oleh DaryLuo 12 Maret 2012 8:02
    08 Maret 2012 8:17


  • Hi, since Internet Explorer 10 is only a Consumer Preview version currently, there may be some compatible issue, I think this issue will go with the release version.
    • Diedit oleh FightAsABull 14 Maret 2012 1:50
    • Ditandai sebagai Jawaban oleh DaryLuo 14 Maret 2012 2:36
    14 Maret 2012 1:50

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