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    Hi All,         

    I am sorry if this is not the right forum to post this. In case the forum is wrong, could any one point me the correct one ?

    Code Snippet
      <TITLE> SetInterval CPU Load Test Page </TITLE>
     function marquee()
     setInterval("marquee()", 20);
      <h1>SetInterval CPU Load Test Page</h1>



    The above html page has a javascript method named 'marquee' which will run every 20 milli seconds. Load the above html in browsers like Firefox or Chrome and minimize the browser. Then if you open the task manager, you will be able to see the cpu usage at near 5-10%. This is since the function is invoked every 20 milli seconds. This is expected behaviour.


    Now load the above html in Internet Explorer and minimize the browser. Now if you open task manager, it will not show any cpu usage for IE. Why is it hiding the cpu usage ? I tried adding some more code to the 'marquee' method. Still IE will not show any cpu usage.


    Is IE trying to act smart saying i don't consume your cpu. ? Or did it actually not use any cpu ?


    Note: I am using IE7 on windows xp sp2

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 8:17 AM

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  • Some body please reply. Why is task manager not reporting IE cpu usage which is obvious !!




    Sunday, September 21, 2008 12:00 PM