Detect Browser Refresh


  • I'm developing a BHO in VB.Net .

    My main problem of the day is handling Refresh in IE after a web site has been loaded. My BHO responds to setsite/getsite. It is able to get all IE events, and use IE methods and properties. After getting help from examples on the internet, it is able to hook up and get DOM events from the loaded page. It can even set a timer in IE, and create a DIV in the DOM. But it is a bit unclear how to detect refresh, and more important, how to detect refresh is done. This is important because I need to reestablish the DOM event handlers.

    Do you have an answer for how to detect refresh start and refresh done - document complete?

    Please, I've been through all the simple answers, like detect download complete, count download starts/completes, etc.  I'm looking for a solid answer that can handle complex sites like

    The basic problem is that on a refresh, you don't get a document complete event for the top level document.

    I have my own work around that partially works.  But I'd like to see if 1) Microsoft has a definitive answer, 2) if someone thinks they have a solid answer.


    Saturday, January 06, 2007 10:50 PM