[IE7 Developer Toolbar] Toolbar button insertion is erroneous


  • With the following toolbar button constellations, the insertion of the "IE Developer Toolbar" during initialization of a browser window specifically started with any URL produces an additional (and very annoying) empty toolbar row on an up-to-date Vista Business 64 with an 32-bit IE7. The empty toolbar row vanishes, if the browser window looses focus, the menu is activated, or the window is resized.

    It only appears, when the window pops up without the button at first and then adds it probably at a OnNavigateComplete2 event. It's best reproduced by using a link in Windows Mail to always start a new process. Otherwise the button may already be there, when the window is shown.

    (IEDev = IE Developer Toolbar Button; "Show Selective Text" has been used unless noted otherwise)


    - Only IEDev

    - Copy and IEDev

    - IEDev and Copy

    - Tools and IEDev

    - IEDev and Tools (Show Only Icons)

    - Read Mail and IEDev (Show All Text)

    - IEDev and Read Mail (Show All Text)

    => Probably any constellations with one or two buttons, where the right most button is a simple button (this includes IEDev itself) or a button with an arrow but without text


    The empty toolbar row does NOT occur for

    - IEDev and Tools (!!!)

    - Cut and Copy and IEDev in any order

    - Probably any constellation with at least three buttons


    It would be great if this could be fixed, as I don't want to waste my precious tab space with buttons I don't use anyway (say, the IE Developer Toolbar Button is the only button I use).




    Monday, July 21, 2008 5:13 PM