HTTP Strict Transport Security is preventing me from going on certain sites

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  • Hi,

    use the https protocol in your requests. If you are a web page developer you can use protocol-less links in your secured pages links.

    Your login and Join pages should not include links or iframes to external websites (like facebook likes iframe)

    The Network tab of the dev tool shows you the response headers from your requests. In IE11 you can turn on console warnings from Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, check "Always record developer console messages." . Save changes. Now when you open the f12 dev tool... its Console tab will list any markup, security or xss errors. Use that information to debug your website.

    Include output from your dev console with your questions or

    Include links to problem websites with your questions, so that we can test them for ourselves.



    Monday, February 26, 2018 5:51 AM