Single sign on in Outlook web addin (getAccessTokenAsync) RRS feed

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  • Hi!

    I want to confirm something based on the knowledge I have.

    I need to make calls to the Graph API inside an Outlook addin.

    Using the Identity 1.1 preview API it seems that the token that getAccessTokenAsync returns cannot be used directly to make calls to the Graph API but what I need to do is what is described in this page:

    Basically speaking, there must be an ASP.Net page that should maintain a DB of refresh tokens and when I get the token from the getAccessTokenAsync function, I send it to the ASP.Net that will finally have the refresh token and send it back to the web page, or use that refresh token in the server side.

    In this case the problem is that if I want to do a third party product used by many customers, I should have access to the refresh tokens of each user of each company (or each company should deploy their own ASP.Net page for that purpose).

    Am I correct?

    If so, the only way to achieve my goal (to use the graph API to have access to OneDrive for BI) is to use MSAL.js (that is still under development since it does not work well with Outlook addin)?


    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 4:54 PM