Disable RSS (Feed Reading View) IE7


  • Hi,


    I am in the process of developing a new intranet for my company. With this, we are rolling out IE7 on all computers.


    All RSS content currently uses a xslt stylesheet. However, in IE7 by default I have noticed that all custom stylesheets are ignored and instead IE7 renders the feed in it's own RSS stylesheet.


    Cutting a long story short, I need to disable the RSS viewer which is integrated in to IE7. I have done this via:

    Tools > Internet Options > Content > Feeds (Settings) > Un-tick 'Turn on feed reading view'. This performs the desired effect, however I need to perform this task company wide. Thus far I have been unable to find a setting to disable this in Group Policy.


    I have found the "RSS Feeds" settings in:

    User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > RSS Feeds. One of the options in here is "Turn off the feed list" which gives the explanation of "This policy setting prevents users from using Internet Explorer as a feed reader. This setting has no impact on the RSS Platform" However I believe this means that it will disable the user from accessing the feed list located in the favourites canter.


    In short, I am looking for a registry change or Group Policy setting that will disable the IE7 integrated RSS functionality, effectively replicating the task of un-ticking the 'Turn on feed reading view' in Internet options.


    Thanks in advance!

    Tuesday, November 27, 2007 9:40 AM


  • I have fixed this issue.


    After searching through the registry, I found the key that gives the desired effect:


    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Feeds]


    Simply changing the dword to 00000001 disables the RSS Feed Reader within Internet Explorer 7.


    I created a .reg file with the following code:

    Code Block

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Feeds]



    I then created a .bat file with the following code:

    Code Block
    regedit /s \\computer name\file name.reg


    However, allowing this logon script to run at user level is hardly ideal as it removes some security options previously set in the GPO, such as disabling silent registy changes.


    I then created a custom ADM template:

    Code Block


    CATEGORY "Disable RSS"
    KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Feeds"

     POLICY "TurnOffOPV"
      PART "TurnOffOPV"
      VALUENAME "TurnOffOPV"
      END PART



    This is a much better way to achieve the desired effect as current security policies previously defined within the GPO can remain.


    • To create the custom ADM file:
      • Copy the above code into notepad, then save it as 'filename'.adm
    • To import it into the GPO:
      • Open the GPO
      • Right click on 'Administrative Templates'
      • Click 'Add/Remove Templates', browse to the ADM file created above
      • Click Add
      • Close the 'Add/Remove Templates' dialougue box
    • To make the custom ADM template visible:
      • Expand 'Administrative Templates'
      • Click 'View'
      • Click 'Filtering'
      • Un-tick 'Only show policy settings that can be fully managed'
      • Click OK
    • To configure the custom ADM template:
      • Expand 'Administritive Templates'
      • Left click 'Disable RSS' (This is the 'Category' name specified in the ADM Template)
      • Right click on 'TurnOffOPV', click properties
      • Select 'Enabled'
      • Set the value of 'TurnOffOPV' to '1'
      • Click OK

    Apply this GPO to any OU to disable the RSS feature in IE7.


    To reverse the effects above, simply change the value of 'TurnOffOPV' to '0'

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 2:17 PM