IE8 scrolling issues


  • I know that the IE8 beta had major bugs, and my concern specifically is with the scrolling problems.  I have a application in dot net 2 framework using a webbrowser control to display chat text.  For the most part it worked well until of course, IE8 came out.  Now I hear its an official release, and there is still scrolling problems.

    My users with IE8 installed are constantly complaining that their chat window keeps going up to the top and they have to manually scroll down to see the text, and have to do it everytime someone types something.  Needless to say they are getting quite...  (i'll be kind and use a nice word.. something THEY don't use to me) ... peeved.

    I have several questions, but the first is.. whats the fix for this?  Can I code something to get around this in the mean time?

    Secondly... WHY in the world does DOT NET as a BASE, have to depend on what version of IE the user is running?  Why does it not have its OWN built in control?  EVERY TIME Microsoft updates IE it causes nothing but PROBLEMS for people in code.

    Third, is there an alternative?  I know there is a firefox control you can bind as part of the program and distribute it but it needs a huge runtime file for it to work.  I'm not looking to provide support for another 3rd party runtime object thats at least 10 times the size of my entire application.

    Not to be rude, but I am really getting tired of having to recode really basic things, and my clients are getting REALLY peeved.

    Can someone please bring some sanity back and offer some solid suggestions, and will Microsoft stop breaking standards... and more importantly, STOP releasing stuff that clearly has HUGE issues!

    With all due respect, and sorry for the ranting but this is affecting my income, my client base, and my reputation.
    Thursday, April 02, 2009 3:27 AM