After repairing ie7.0 it removed my MSN toolbar with autofill. I need it back. RRS feed

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  • I had the MSN tool bar with auto complete  and IE 6.0. An update updated Ie6.0 to IE 7.0. I was having problems with pages freezing up, sometime the graphic on the page were whited out and I was told to repair IE. I went to MSN and did this. 

    After repairing ie7.0 it removed my MSN toolbar with autocomplete. I have gone into control panel then add and remove but I am unable to remove IE 7.0

    I check back on MSN after I was not able to remove it from add and remove,  and tried the #2 method. I had no problems at all getting the wizard to come up but it does not show any download for IE 7.0 or even for IE6.0.

    What is does say is "the following programs were installed on your computer AFTER IE 7.0.

     I can see updates, and fixes but do not see any way to remove IE.

    I sell on the internet and have over 200 suppliers and most of these require passwords in order to place the orders. I need the auto complete since there is no way for me to remember this many different passwords, as well as filling out the forms required even if i have to go back to the 6.0 now to get this opiton..

    Can someone please help me?



    Friday, May 7, 2010 12:48 AM