Dropdown not working as expected in IE7 and IE8


  • I disable a dropdown list using javascript before the page is submitted to server.
    I am able to read the selected value of the disabled dropdown correctly in my aspx.vb file when the browser is IE6 and below.
    With IE7 and IE8 the selected value of the dropdown list is lost and the selected index of the dropdown is always zero (when i read dropdown.selectedindex in my aspx.vb file).
    Is it a bug in IE7/8?
    Thursday, November 18, 2010 2:22 PM


  • Hi,

    Example? code?

    You realize uses form postback. Typically you will have something like

    if not page.isPostback then

    '' Display default values for elements


    '' Read the request.form variables and processes the values

    eg.... dropdownvalue=request("myDropdown") & ""

    Unless you are dynimically changing the the values in another dropdown on your page based on the selection chosen in another dropdown,,, like in a Country/State selection process. You would use client side javascript in this case instead of sending a postback to the server. Your aspx.vb code dropdown_click event handler gets executed when the postback is received on the server. can serve up different markup and scripts for different browser versions, and IE6 has different security zone settings (which can affect how form posts are sent back to the server), so the comparison to IE6 is useless without a sample.

    You may like to try the forums... this forum is more for html, css and javascript issues.

    Thursday, November 18, 2010 11:06 PM