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  • Hello all,

    I'm looking for "auto fill" skills on browser.

    I want to do a program and after it installed it will resident on the right-bottom on PC / TSR

    I do some setting on the app, and when I open a website (such as login website), I just need to use fast key(such as [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[A]) then it will auto fill the website's grids

    I found some use C#/VB.Net WebBrowser. But what I want is user open websites by what they usually used, not by my app. (I want to do it by program first, maybe I'll try to do it by browser extension later)

    Maybe someone has been used this program "KeyPass", this is what can auto fill your ID and password by fast key [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[A] when you want to login some website.

    I found some opensource use by javascript, but I don't know how to start the program by javascript. (How to open project, debug...etc.)

    I can only use C++ or C# by visual studio.

    Is it possible to do this by C++ or C#?

    Any other ideals?

    Thanks everyone.


    2017/05/22 17:43

    I think there is two problems now

    1. How to send the message to current webpage (the cursor must focused on first grid on webpage.)?

    -> I try to use FindWindowByCaption but it's no working.

    2. How can I catch when user typing the fast key?


    2017/05/23 10:54

    I found the function can recognizing the keyboard action on the full area.

    Hooks Overview



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