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  • I have an ASP.NET application using Winnovatives software for converting HTM to PDF.
    The page I want to convert got some javascript that fills the page with data when it opens.
    Th Winnovative component opens the page and the convert it to a PDF.

    This is what happens:

    1. Everything works fine when I run the application from VS2008 and in IE 7
    2. On customer server the PDF don't get the values the javascript code is supposed to load the page with. However, if I manually open the page I want to convert, javascript runs and get the values correctly. They have IE8
    3. I upgrade my IE7 to IE8 on my own computer. Now I get the same problem, even when I run the application through VS2008.  
    4. I uninstall IE8 and install IE7 again. Now, I still have the problem!

    This is obviously some kind of security problem. I have tried to loosen up everything I can think of. The site will run on intranet so the security level dont need to be very high.

    It seems that the IE8 change something when installed and this wont change back when uninstalled.

    Winnovative have a bunch of solutions I have tried and as a final solution they recommend :"If it's still not working you might have to modify directly into the Windows Registry the ASP.NET user Internert Security profile to allow JavaScript execution."

    I have not tried this last tip since I dont know where to look in the registry and what to change it to.

    Now. Do any of you have som bright ideas? I will forever remember you in my prayers if you can help.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:16 PM

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