IE and add-on - Roboform


  • Have Vista RC 2.  I have a system with the main administrator account that was created during setup, which is the admin account with my name e.g., "Mary". 

    I installed Roboform for use by IE 7, and installed the Mozilla plug-in as well to test.  Mozilla and Roboform work fine together.  I.E.7 does not have Roboform listed in the Manage Add-ons section, where it is supposed to be, so it can be enabled or disable from there.  It just does not show up, as I discovered many other add-ons also do not shop up in this account!

    I created another admininstrator account from my "Mary" account, and called this "Admin".  When I log into the "Admin" account, IE7 uses Roboform just fine! ... and the Manage Add-ons lists the Roboform files in there, as well as many other add-ons that were/are not present in the "Mary" account. 

    I do not understand why my "Mary" account, which is an administrator account, is not working/showing with Roboform, and other add-ons, and IE7.

    Friday, December 08, 2006 11:34 PM

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