Javascript debugger command not working in IE9 beta?


  • I installed the latest IE9 beta on a Vista 32-bit VM.  I am using the Internet Explorer browser control in an unmanaged C++ application.  I unchecked Disable script debugging (both options) under Internet Options in IE9.

    I then added a debugger; Javascript command attempting to troubleshoot an HTML page in the IE script debugger.  When the page loaded, I was not given an option to load the debugger.  Note that the same code worked fine on the same VM when IE8 was installed.

    Does anyone know why the debugger is not being displayed in IE9 when it reaches the debugger command?   Any suggestions on what to check?

    Friday, September 24, 2010 2:48 AM


  • Those settings no longer apply in IE9 BETA. I think they are tying to make the DevX hidden from the UX.. Users just want the browser 'to work'.... Developers want to know why 'it doesn't'. I would like a command line parameter so that developers can launch a debug mode IE window from a command line.... and create a browser shortcut in VS or Expression that would launch the page with the debugger set to 'break on error'.

    To debug a page, load it, then press F12 to display the Developer Tool, then select the Script tab, select any of the script blocks in the page or any of the external scripts and place a breakpoint in the code you want to examine.

    Then press the

    "Start Debugging" button...

    The page will reload from cache and either stop at an error or your breakpoint. You can then use the step buttons, the console, call stack and locals tabs to inspect your code and varible values.

    The only drawback is using compressed js files... they only have one line number, so it is hard to put a break point exactly where you want it.

    I use it to degug conext menu extensions... it even works on external pages with my local context menu scripts.

    Very RAD.

    Friday, September 24, 2010 8:43 PM