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  • Dear all,

    at the moment we're trying to migrate 1500 Users from BlackBerry (Good Apps) to Outlook Mobile for iOS. A few weeks ago we migrated some test users successfully but now we have heavy issues getting the initial configuration done. In particular when the user tries to configure the Outlook profile with his email address after some seconds he runs into a manual configuration. We notices this before in rare cases but now it's exactly vice versa. The tries it works is very rare. We tried to troubleshoot this issue with the script "Test-HMAEAS.ps1" from Technet and Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Both confirmed the issue. In rare cases it works but in most cases it does not. OAuth was configured by HCW and works correctly (e.g. Free/Busy cross premise in both directions). In cases the RCA fails the error message is: "We didn't find the Office 365 service in the response from Autodetect. The user may not be synchronized to Office 365." but this cannot be true because I can find the user in AzureAD and 1 in 10 times the RCA test is successful. We opened a in App ticket and had already contact to an escalation engineer, but then no more answer. We also opened a case in admin portal, but they said they are not responsible for it and archived the case. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong here? Even if anyone can say if there are currently knows issues with the AutoDetect service.

    Configuration: Exchange 2016 CU18, Hybrid

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    Friday, October 23, 2020 9:20 AM


  • At the moment it seems that we solved the problem on our own. After running the HCW in version 17.0.5494, we had issues with free/busy from on premise to Exchange Online. To narrow down the issue I removed the AuthServers (ACS, EvoSTS) from our configuration and created them manually as stated in the manual configuration for Hybrid Modern Authentication. Since this did the trick for free/busy I wanted to run the HCW to be supported again. Unfortunately, the HCW couldn't configure/create/edit the AuthServers I had created. Anyway, after removing the AuthServers and let them created by the HCW from scratch, the HCW finished without any errors. After that the errors in the Outlook App went more and more worse until no configuration was possible at all. It seems it takes some time until the configuration is recognized by the AutoDetect servers. Because of that issues we checked the AuthServer configuration. OAuth is working but there was no DefaultAuthorizationEndpoint configured by the HCW. We configured the EvoSTS AuthServer to be the default one. Even though it took some time until the Outlook App configuration worked again it's ok now.

    For any one who reads this post: HCW in version 17.0.5494 has in my opinion two bugs:

    1. When no AuthServers are configured, then the HCW creates them but does not enable the EvoSTS one as Default Authorization Endpoint. -> Outlook Mobile AutoDetect will not work! (Test-HMAEAS.ps1 or Remote Connectitivity Analyzer) 
    2. The ACS AuthServer is configured by the HCW with a parameter named -DomainName. This resulted in an issue where Free/Busy only worked for the domain set in the DomainName parameter. In our case that was only our Autodiscover domain for all our other email domains. Anyway, "Set-AuthServer -Identity <ACS server entry> -DomainName $null" did the trick.
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