Title is used to show the tooltip but in IE7.0 it is not showing all tooltip Details RRS feed

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    <span <logic:equal name="ccowEnabled" value="true" scope="page" > onClick="javascript: try{ ccowNotifyPatient('<bean:write name="ccowInput"/>');} catch(e) {}" </logic:equal> >

    <A href=

    "<c_:url value="/patient/">

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="action" value="loadDocuments" />

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="view_patients_navigator_link" value="${pageScope.view_patients_navigator_link}"/>

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="patientSid" value="${entry.patientSid}" />

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="facilitySid" value="${entry.facilitySid}"/>

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="alias" value="${entry.alias}" />

    <c_Stick out tonguearam name="accountNo" value="${entry.accountNo}" />

    </c_:url>" target=_self title="<c_Surpriseut value="${entry.encounterData}"/>">

    <bean:write name="entry" property="patientName" />




    The above code is working fine in IE6.0 but in IE7.0 it is not showing all the details in the tooltip

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 8:50 AM