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  • Would just like to say my thanks to microsoft to making a job i love, into a job i loathe.

    I am a fairly new web developer, landed a great contract in a great business, absolutley LOVE web development etc.

    My problem? ALL of my work falls apart trying to make it work for your APPAULING browsers. the ONLY reason ANYONE considers doing all the extra work, and to be quite frank all the stress i come under, is purely because you force less experianced people to use your browser.

    The fact that you have to add the whole <!--[if IE]> logic so people can make websites while mothering the retarded baby of Mr.Bean and Susan Boyle. Best part? You can't even install up to date IE on XP or lower, infact the cut off is IE8.

    I really hope Microsoft stay well away from online experiances, Bing, IE etc... As i said, the only reason these actually get any use whatsoever is purely to the fact that it comes hard coded into windows, no option to remove, no auto updating, no support for XP or lower.

    You make me sick to the core.

    Oh and one last thing, nice Stack Overflow rip off.
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  • Hi, thanks for sharing.  This forum is populated by non-MSFT employees who are trying to help each other; it just happens to be hosted by Microsoft.  If you need to send feedback to specific Microsoft teams, try  
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  • Hi,

    Please take the time to visit the IE Developer Center where you'll find links to resources that will help you to write cross-browser solutions (without conditional comments, browser sniffing, or vendor specific style rules). Aim for 'one markup'.

    A key requirement is that you use standards compliant markup (always validate your markup, correcting your errors and warnings)... browse this forum... you will see it is a constant theme in our answers.

    Sounds like you have no interest in maintaining/troubleshooting legacy web sites written for earlier IE versions...we can help you with the code and styling issues, but you will have to adjust your attitude yourself....all jobs have their boring moments.... use the opportunity to educate yourself and become a cross-browser/ legacy migration guru.

    I would blame your recruitment agency.... quite often your dream job turns out to be something completely different... the recruiter has no idea... they do not know about web development..facebook and linkedin is the limit of their IT interests. they work from verbal job requirements check lists and enterprise head counts... nothing about the real job requirements or YOUR career aspirations. Your boss, may be no different...they may not have an IT background, they do not want excuses...just timely results. You may not be suitable for the job if you cannot step up to the plate and take control of the issues you are tasked with.


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