FSLogix Profile Container with Folder Redirection and Offline Files(Windows CSC) for Folder Redirection not working RRS feed

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  • We got follow Scenario:


    Profile Container

    GPO Folder Redirection:
    Redirect Follow Profile Folder to a DFS backed Share(No Replication):

    - Contact
    - Music
    - Saved Games
    - Searches
    - Desktop
    - Documents
    - Downloads
    - Favorites
    - Links
    - Pictures
    - Videos

    Desired State:
    For Laptop Users we want to Windows CSC Cached the GPO Redirected Folders.
    The Profile Container is Cached Localy with a additional local CCDLocation on first position.

    When we use the Checkbox "Always Offline" on the Networkdrive where the Redirected Folders are the CSC Cache got populated and it is Displayed in Offline Sync Center Correctly.

    After Logoff and Logon(Laptop is still connected to the Network)
    The Cache Files are Empty and the Sync Partner is missing.

    Fix Attempts:
    We tryed also to exclude or include the Redirected Folders with the "redirects.xml" with Property Copy=0

    This is Critical, we cannot but all Redirected Folders in the Profile Container because other Application need to Access them and we cannot use VHD Files here

    We are a Public School, and cannot afford a Support Ticket :-(

    Thanks for any hints, we realy need this :-/

    It is like the same Post as

    but there is no reaction anymore on it prbly because it is to old :-(

    Thanks for any Input

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    Its the ghost in the machine how dont let me go in vacation :-)

    Monday, June 22, 2020 1:09 PM

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  • Hi

    i have opened a ticket. Ticket number is 120052625000370.

    Latest mail from support:

    It is unfortunate that I must report that due to an unforeseen circumstance, I will not be able to continue as your Support Engineer on this case. I want to assure you that Microsoft is concerned with your current issue and will do our best to ensure that changing engineers mid case like this will have as little impact as possible.

    To ensure we set the proper expectation, all managers concerned on the support team are aware of this change. Actions are being taken to help reduce the amount of time before the next available Engineer is assigned to your case. To ensure a smooth transition, I have provided the following recap for your case:

    - Problem Description:  Folderredirections GroupPolicy is not applied in offline mode.

    - Completed Action(s) and Result(s): We have suggested Cx to do some changes in registries and Cx confirmed that no changes has resolved. Need to engage Dev team for further action on it.

    Action Plan: Need to involve Dev team for further action plan on this case.

    - Action on Next Engineer/Customer – Need to involve Dev team for further action plan on this case.


    The above information is what your replacement engineer will have available along with any previous notes, logs, and emails we have collected until this point. If you feel that I have missed any important topics, please feel free to reply back on this email so that your new engineer is also aware of any additional concerns.

    Best Regards

    Tuesday, June 30, 2020 12:02 PM
  • Thanks for the Heads-up!!

    Would be awesome if you can relay your Information on this Ticket and the Outcome!

    Thanks XerverServer!

    Its the ghost in the machine how dont let me go in vacation :-)

    Monday, July 6, 2020 6:52 AM