Key exchange between BHO and ActtiveX under IE 10 EPM Windows 8 64-bit Release Preview


  • I developed BHO and ActiveX. ActiveX is a singleton that serves requests from multiple BHOs. Data transfer protocol between BHO and ActiveX is encrypted with a session key generated by ActiveX using CryptGenKey() and exported by CryptExportKey() and public user key generated with CryptGenKey(). I'm importing this session key in BHO using CryptImportKey() and public user key obtained with CryptGetUserKey().

    This architecture works fine in IE7, IE8 and IE9, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It also works fine in IE 10 w/o EPM, BHO(s) run in Low IL and ActiveX runs in Medium IL. However, once I switch EPM on, call to CryptImportKey() fails with NTE_BAD_DATA. Has anybody faced/knows such kind of problem?

    Looking forward for any idea.

    Best regards,


    21. června 2012 15:40


  • Finally I resolved EPM running problem by migrating from CryptImportKey() to CryptDeriveKey() API.

    I wonder if MSFT can publish some information regarding to all APIs restrictions under Low IL.

    Best regards, Sergey

    27. června 2012 9:32

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