WebBrowser controls and emulation mode?


  • I'm sure that I was setting FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION to 9999 programatically in a test project, but now


    (b) CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled seems to be the relevent API but it only takes a BOOL.

    Where is the option to change the WebBrowser control emulation mode at runtime?

    Note that I don't consider for a moment it can't exist. In this day. With UAC. No one could release a cheesy registry hack that requires administrator access, and uses nothing more secure than the name of an exe, as the only way to get a rendering mode better than IE7 standard mode in a hosted WebBrowser control?

    28. června 2012 23:00

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  • Hi ,

    I think your issue should be raised in the Internet Explorer Extension Development. I believe they will know more information of this issue than us, and I will move this one to that forum.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Best regards,

    Jesse Jiang [MSFT]
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    29. června 2012 6:23
  • FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION cannot be changed at runtime, according to EricLaw. 

    You can visit to voice your concern. 

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