How to paused webuitest during runtime


  • Hi,

    I would like to pause webuitest during runtime. Is it possible to that?

    Thank you.

    14 Februari 2012 7:47


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  • Hi EsP_Unholy,

    Can you please explain in detail what you want to achieve?

    • Pause the running web test manually?
    • Pause the web test programatically?
    • Pause till what time?
    • Pause when?

    Is it a Web Performance Test or a Coded UI Test?


    14 Februari 2012 9:11
  • Hi TejasJ,

    İt isa CodedUitest and I want to pause the running web test maunlly and after that start the webtest where it left off.

    Thank you for response.

    14 Februari 2012 9:14
  • you can start the test in debug mode and set a break point (do this from the debug menu, toolbar, or test view).


    14 Februari 2012 15:01
  • Thank for response TimJim,

    But I want to release  mode not debug mode.


    14 Februari 2012 15:03
  • HAve a look therough this page:


    If you are looking for the equivilent of a pause/resume I don't think you will get that without running the test in debug unless you modify the application under tests (add a configuration parameter of some sort or a hidden field you can manipulate or something like that) then modify the CUIT methods to check that value before each test.


    14 Februari 2012 15:10
  • Yes I agree with Tim.

    EsP_Unholy, if you can explain what you want to achieve by doing so, i.e. after pausing the test, what you want to do before you start it again, then it would be helpful for other members to provide suggestions/work arounds.

    15 Februari 2012 5:39
  • Thanks for your answers,

    Yes TejasJ TimJim's answers is corret for me. :)

    Thank you.

    17 Februari 2012 7:50