Moved Thread: June 2011 CTP – Runtime version problems trying to host the WCF Data Service in IIS


  • Parolarul originally posted this question in the pre-release forums, which we're closing down. I'm re-posting it here so it'll catch some eyeballs:



    I made a test project (Empty ASP.Net + EF Model + WCF Data Service) and following an hint from Vitek:


    thanks Vitek for helping me with that one.


    I tried to host the WCF Service in IIS using WebDeploy and hat the following problem:

    The WCF Service was build targeting the CTP (v4.2) and in IIS had “only” .Net v4.0 available.


    Can anyone give me some hint how to install/register the CTP (v4.2) with IIS or an alternative to hosting my service?



    09 Maret 2012 23:37