Notes - display in view, export for reimport?


  • Hi,

    I am looking at notes today and can't see how to display them in a view.

    Can anybody give me a quick explanation for how notes are linked to other records in the system & if they can be pulled into their views?

    In this case I am concerned with the notes that were added in an Opportunity View.

    I can make a view of the Notes table and I see the notes, but I can find no indication of the opportunity where they were entered.

    Conversely, I have looked for a key field in the opportunity table that might link to the Notes table - no luck.

    In the customization of Notes relationships, I did find some fields that looked promising but I can't seem to access them anywhere. (objectid and regarding).


    30 Desember 2012 20:38

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  • Hi,

    The notes entity is a non-customisable entity. The only option you have is to either add notes to an entity when you create it or not - CRM will then automatically add the relationship for you.

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the objectid field, you can't include the parent object in views as a single field - you can include fields from the parent (e.g. account name/opportunity topic) by changing the drop down on the columns selector dialog to be Regarding(Opportunity). This won't allow you to change the parent when you export and re-import however.


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    30 Desember 2012 21:02
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  • You can easily display notes in a view. Just use one of the exisisting views or create a new view.

    Notes are related through a 1-m relationship called Regarding with the 1-m the note entity having the m (lookup).

    This means that you really would ever want to do this through a "regarding relationship". That means displaying notes related to an opportunity...

    You would not be able to create a view displaying "all notes regardless of the parent record" and the show the parent record that that note is related to.

    Rune Daub Senior Consultant - Dynateam CRM

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    30 Desember 2012 21:03
  • Hi,

    Thanks, Notes are making more sense now.
    I ran into a couple other things while I was experimenting.
    Can you help with these too?

    I'm using the online system where I experimented a little.
    I added 3 notes and an attachment to an opportunity.

    Then I started a new custom view AND I was albe to manually change the selected table to Notes.
    While in the design view, I can retrieve my a list of notes (and attachments) with mine included.

    1 - I couldn't find any field in the notes table that explained the "regarding relationship" (but the "Note" did look sort of like an ID or a guid).
    >>"regarding relationship"
    Can the field/data used in the "regarding relationship" be added and seen in a view?

    2a - Now I can't find this "Notes" view on the menu anywhere.
    2b - I was thinking maybe I needed to add it to the menu but... I started reading and this seemed more complicated than I expected. It sounds like I would have to export the "site map" and edit the XML directly if I ever want to change the menu tree?
    Is this true?

    Thanks for you help...

    31 Desember 2012 17:10
  • 1. as I wrote previously. You are correct.. you cant insert the "regarding field in a view". Thats why this will really only work for associated view functionality.

    2a and 2b. You are correct. If you want to see notes in the same way as accounts, contacts, opportunities etc, then you will need to edit the XML directly.. or you could download which allows you to modify the sitemap in a more "visual manner".

    Rune Daub Senior Consultant - Dynateam CRM

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