Sign up a email account with c#?


  • Hi everyone.
    I've seen a lot of topics related to sending mails from c# but does anyone know how to create a mail account with c# before sending the mail?
    09 Maret 2012 10:04

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  • You don't need to create an account in order to send an e-mail to somebody. You might need to specify From address, but this can be virtually any address (SMTP doesn't validate them).

    Sincerely yours, Eugene Mayevski

    09 Maret 2012 11:48
  • Yes I know but I really need to create an account. Sending e-mails isn't important and i think that its easy. My first goal is to create an email account  by a desktop app or even a c# website with given information about the user but i can not found helpful information.
    09 Maret 2012 17:36
  • Creation of user accounts is specific to each server, usually requires admin rights and can not be done remotely. Due to this your need doesn't make much sense.

    Sincerely yours, Eugene Mayevski

    09 Maret 2012 17:51
  • GMail and Hotmail/Live/MSN mail accounts are made via HTTP, thus you can make a parser that creates accounts.

    But, just me, it rather sounds like a spam-account-creating system...

    Regards, MusicDemon

    09 Maret 2012 18:34
  • I'd say "GMail ... offer web interface for human registration on their servers" which is not exactly "creating an e-mail account". But I agree with your point, that with enough inspiration and time it might be possible to automate registration on those servers.

    Sincerely yours, Eugene Mayevski

    09 Maret 2012 18:47