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  • Hi,

    I have gone through the samples in  'Sync Framework Toolkit Documentation', and have got working locally i.e. ListSample connecting and syncing with Samples\ListService\ListService.

    What I want to do now is deploy this to an iis server so an external client can try out the iphone sample and also connect to and sync with this sample service.

    I am however having problems deploying this working service running under vs web server to work on IIS. Is there any where that describes how to do such a task.

    I have tried the 'Optional: Deploying Service to IIS' method from within VS, but always get prompted 'Unable to create vistual directory. Value does not fall within the expected range' and so after much frustration have just ccreated the virtual directory myself and copied across the whole service folder from the samples dir (obviously setting up app pool 2.0, anonymous and forms authentication).  

    The problem is whenever i try to use this service i get a securoty excpetion??? This may be that $diag for the iis installed url cannot find clientaccess.xml (which I am pursuing in another thread).

    My question is how on earth do you deploy to iis servers this service, all i can find is how to deploy to windows azure??

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  • Hi this now works, simply followed all details in help file more clearly in particular installing the server versions of the sync software
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