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    just sharing pas bikin mini-MVVM framework in-house

    Ternyata Expression Tree di .NET for Windows Store masih se-powerful .NET Desktop, berikut compiled lambda untuk kode var x = new Object()  

    *lebih cepat dibanding .NET Reflection Activator.CreateInstance

    #region new Object() using Expression Tree!

    #region Delegates

    public delegate BaseViewModel InstanceCreator(params object[] args);


    public static InstanceCreator GetCreator(ConstructorInfo cInfo)


        Type type = cInfo.DeclaringType;

        ParameterInfo[] paramsInfo = cInfo.GetParameters();

        // parameter of type object[] named args

        ParameterExpression paramExpr = Expression.Parameter(typeof (object[]), "args");

        var argsExpr = new Expression[paramsInfo.Length];

        // get each arg from object[] args

        // and create SomeType arg expression

        // eg. (int parameterA)

        for (int i = 0; i < paramsInfo.Length; ++i)


            ConstantExpression index = Expression.Constant(i);

            Type argType = paramsInfo[i].ParameterType;

            BinaryExpression accessprExpr = Expression.ArrayIndex(paramExpr, index);

            UnaryExpression castExpr = Expression.Convert(accessprExpr, argType);

            argsExpr[i] = castExpr;


        // new Constructor(param1, param2, ...)

        NewExpression newExpr = Expression.New(cInfo, argsExpr);

        // create lambda in order to compile expression

        LambdaExpression lambda = Expression.Lambda(typeof (InstanceCreator), newExpr, paramExpr);

        var compiledLambda = (InstanceCreator) lambda.Compile();

        return compiledLambda;



    Sharing oleh: Zeddy Iskandar

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    Agnes Sannie [MSFT]
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