printing problem e-pos TEP 220MC thermal printer using c#


  • I  new to .net development and i am developing an application for a restaurant and i have reached to a piont where i want to print receipts using the above printer but the texts come out scattered and unreadable when i was printing directly from richtextbox.

    I  am now trying how i can use POS .NET i have already installed it according to a solution i got from the internet and when i try running the code, i get an exception at Getprinter method at line Posprinter exploer cannot return Null, again on the Device info the null exception still appear.

    I tried again to change the logical name of the printer using SOMgr but i cannot access the device through it, am not able to see the printer under  the devices.

    any assistance please would be highly appreciated.

    08 Maret 2012 16:25

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  • A service object or OPOS driver is needed to acccess the printer via POS for .NET. If you have install the regular Windows printer driver, uninstall it, and install teh service object or OPOS driver.

    Besides SOManager, you can try the POS for .NET SDK application - TestApp.exe.


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    08 Maret 2012 16:47
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  • Hezbon, 

    You need to install the device drivers for this printer, the ones that come packed in the box are fake. try the drivers listed http://www.mediafire.com/?ep4n8xijs8jacu5, then if you need to use the USB-Serial Bridge, download one at www.gprinter.com, that's the original manufacturer of that particular device

    21 Maret 2012 14:34