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  • Dear posters may I ask you to mark your answers. Recently I see an increase in those threads that have no replies marked as answer. That would be OK if the question got no answer but there is an answer and in most cases more than one answer, still posters do not mark anyone of them.

    I don't use my moderator powers at all (I didn't want to be a moderator and how I became one I don't know) and I beg you to take some time to read your replies and mark the answers.

    Thank you for your cooperation

    • Diedit oleh Pavel CelbaModerator 19 Februari 2013 19:44 Hope the title change will activate some of the posters
    18 Nopember 2008 14:15

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  • No:) I don't know how I lost the power here either and become a moderator on C# based forums:)
    02 Juli 2009 14:01
  • Who asked for that code?
    13 Juli 2009 11:37
  • First time I read this thread. For some reason these last two posts struck me as pretty funny (laughed out loud). I kept thinking that perhaps if Cetin had taken a moment to run the code mister green had so nicely tried to give him, Visual Foxpro would have told Cetin the reasons he was made a moderator.
    Craig S. Boyd
    14 Mei 2010 13:37
  • And especially do that if you are using a signature like:


    Please "Mark as Answer" if this post answered your question. :)

    07 Juni 2010 11:12
  • I have no statistics but it seems the most of the questions is finalised by the forum owner Ed at the moment... His effort in the past months also reduced the number of unanswered "archive" questions to today's minimum and the forum becomes a very good resource for solution search.

    It is great to have almost all questions closed but I would appreciate more activity from question askers at this field because they are the persons who primarily evaluate the solution provided by several volunteers - VFP professionals - which are actively supporting this tool many hours every day.

    Another story is the "Vote As Helpful" button/link. Some threads were viewed thousands of times the answer is perfect but almost no post is marked as Helpful... I don't think this will change in the near future but if you have found an older but stil valuable solution please Vote it As Helpful.


    19 Februari 2013 20:06