Couldn't active invoice services


  • in my WSP.. an user buy's a hosting plan with a domain name with offline payment. When I log in as a server admin and approve the payment the hosting plan gets "active", but the domain name stays on "Ordered". I just can't activate the domain name registration. I go to services and try to activate it from there and I get an error "0", no idea what that is, when I go to Invoice details and click Activate invoice i  get an error "Couldn't active invoice services".  If the hosting plan is active the domain name never get suspended by the Tasks, but it always stays on "Ordered". Please help..
    I wish I can activate the domain name so that when it expires it can notify the user by email and maybe I can think of a way to give the user a chance to rebuy it...
    17 Februari 2012 13:37