Scheduled task keeps getting changed


  • I have a "check web site availability" scheduled task setup, which I have set to send me a message when it fails.

    But whenever it triggers it sends me a blank message, and when I go back and edit the scheduled task the "mail subject" and "mail body" have reverted back the original settings and my changes have been lost.
    So I make my changes again, update the subject, put a message in the body, save it, and double check it, yes my changes are there.

     But the next time it runs my changes get deleted again.

    anyone got any idea what is going on.


    Russ Michaels
    03 Oktober 2011 12:28


  • We have this issue too with some scheduled tasks. Usually deleting it, then recreating it fixes it. Just another (one of the hundreds) of issues with WebsitePanel.
    08 Oktober 2011 5:01