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  • hi....

    i will create application for my device (windowsmobile 5.0) using Visual studio 2008/visual basic/smartdevice project/framework .net 2.0. in my application used : -3 textbox: texboxt1, texboxt2, & texboxt3, 

                                                 -1 button: addbutton

                                                 -1 datagrid : datagridview1

    I've made sdf DataTable and successful connected. at my table there are 3 columns: col1, col2, & col 3. if i click addbutton, I want to put 3 textboxt to 3 columns in the datagridview: texboxt1 to col1, texboxt2 to col2, & texboxt3 to col3.

    I've done it in windows application form and succeed. but I can not do it in smart device project. what code program can I use to solve the problem. I've seen many examples in vs2008 using. net 3.5. but I have never seen examples in vs2008 using. net 2.0.

    I am a beginner using VS2008 .... please help. and I really appreciate for your help


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